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Iotatech Claims

Iotatech Claims is the next-generation claims management platform

A stunning and intuitive user interface, future-proofed architecture and advanced IoT connectivity all converge to form a pioneering Insurtech claims solution with best in class user experience.

Thanks to the technologies built into Iotatech Claims, our clients can manage their claims from First Notification of Loss to settlement in a highly streamlined and efficient manner, on a cost effective, pay-per-use SaaS basis.

Refined and streamlined notification of loss

Thanks to advanced and intelligent data capture capabilities, iotatech claims enables claim handlers to deliver a superior customer experience whilst maintaining efficiency and high levels of information accuracy.

Agility and future-proofing

Pay-per-use SaaS

We do not believe in lumbering clients with excessive and unnecessary costs – our solutions are SaaS based and you only pay for what you use. Furthermore, iotatech claims can be implemented in record time due to having ready to use, best of breed, line of business specific configuration.

Microservices Architecture

Independently deployable, small, modular services offering scalability, resilience, independent service upgrades and extensibility. Iotatech Claims’ microservices architecture allows us to build a platform suitable for our client’s needs, without the cost of traditional enterprise custom solutions.

New Technologies

Future-proofing is about preparing for an uncertain future. Iotatech Claims is architected to deliver a highly configurable, extensible, modular platform with an Open API giving customers greater flexibility, agility, and confidence in its longevity.

Machine Learning

Enabling the Iotatech claims solution to adapt itself based on its usage whilst flagging important cases to handlers. Natural Language Programming (NLP) is the next pioneering change to First Notification of Loss (FNOL) allowing agents to focus on the customer rather than the script.


Iotatech is planning to offer blockchain capabilities as part of its platform for distributed financial ledger. Tamper aware and super secure, service providers will be able to utilise blockchain enabled smart contracts.

Opex vs Capex

The insurance industry is becoming more digital, innovative and customer-focused, a movement accelerated by InsurTech start-ups delivering innovative products for millennials such as on-demand insurance. As a result, the model of investing heavily upfront in software solutions has become outdated, and the in-demand model now, not only in the insurance industry, is the delivery of solutions funded through Opex (pay-per-use model), as opposed to Capex (costly license and maintenance model).

GDPR compliant

GDPR will come into force on the 25th of May 2018. iotatech claims has been designed with this in mind, and is compliant with the core principles including the right to be forgotten, and privacy by design. Stay ahead of regulation with iotatech claims.

To explore the ways in which iotatech can help your organisation achieve its goals, get in touch with us now.