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Iotatech Consulting

Implementation services

The Iotatech team have a vast experience in consultancy in the complete lifecycle of project implementations and in a wide range of accident management and insurance products in the property and casualty arena.


Iotatech’s consulting team have a range of skills, in both project management of full implementation and post-live business benefit realisation. We are also able to offer detailed experienced analysis in a wide range of products from large marine risks, to commercial combined, household and private car insurance.

Our consultants have a proven track record of delivering on time and budget, from small tactical projects to multimillion Enterprise system replacement projects and ‘big bang’ migrations, for both policy and claims.

GDPR consultancy services

We have highly qualified GDPR consultants ranging from Business Analysts to Project and Programme Managers. All of our consultants have undergone extensive GDPR training and have excellent knowledge of ISO 27001 and the Cyber Essentials requirements.

How we can help

Our qualified practitioners can work with your business to understand how the introduction of GDPR will impact your operations. We can perform a Gap analysis to evaluate where your organisation needs to adapt to comply with GDPR, and if required, implement the changes needed.

GDPR Targeted Readiness Assessment

We can perform a high-level, targeted readiness assessment to gauge your organisation’s current compliance with the GDPR and its key requirements. We assess readiness through workshops and 1:1 interviews with key personnel. This takes from 3 days to complete, depending on your organisations complexity.

The outcome of this assessment will be a high-level report of your organisation’s current compliance.

Comprehensive GDPR Compliance Assessment

We can perform a Comprehensive GDPR Compliance Assessment to identify gaps in your organisation’s current compliance, highlight where remediation is required, and provide a roadmap to total compliance. This assessment will include:


• Workshops with key stakeholders to assess the impact of GDPR on your organisation


• Detailed executive report with Red, Amber, Green rating against each compliance area

• Inventory of business functions and applications impacted by GDPR


• GDPR Analysis from 3 angles; Executive, Operational, and Business Services


Upon completion of the assessment, your business will understand the areas it risks failing to comply with GDPR, and will be in a position to execute a GDPR compliance programme which our consultants can assist with, manage and/or oversee. This assessment will take from 10 days to complete, depending on the complexity of your organisation.

GDPR Compliance Delivery

We will help you implement the recommendations identified in the assessment needed to ensure GDPR compliance. The length of this programme will depend on the scale of the findings of the assessment.

Data Protection Officer as a Service

iotatech consulting can provide your business with a flexible Data Protection Officer service. An appointed DPO is compulsory if your business conducts large-scale systematic monitoring of individuals, or handles sensitive data on a large scale. The benefits of this service include:

• Cost efficient (billed daily) and quick to implement data protection solution


• Independent advice


• Permanently available as needed


• DPO assigned will be compliant with DPO requirements


• Single point of contact with data protection authorities

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